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Looking for a birthday/wedding/anniversary gift? Want to spruce up your office or home? Bespoke art is always a good idea.

1. DM (@tiffzhong) or email me (

Tell me a bit more about what piece you want. Include these in the body.

• Is it something I've done before or is it custom? 

• Digital or traditional

• Size of piece 

• Send me references/screenshots/inspo if applicable

• Timeline - when do you need this piece?

2. Reply with estimate

I'll reply with additional questions if I have any and see if I'm a good fit for the project. I'll give you an estimate and we can proceed from there. 

3. Sketches

I'll send you some sketches if you'd like and I'll start on the piece after we decide on a direction. You'll get check-in at the 75% mark where you can give some feedback and any final touches/edits will be made from there.

4. Delivery and payment

E-transfer me the total and I'll get the piece delivered to you.

What you can ask for


INK on watercolour paper

WATERCOLOUR on watercolour paper

GOUACHE on illustration board or watercolour paper

ACRYLIC on canvas



Starts at $75

Starts at $100

*Price will vary depending on the size/timing/medium. I want to make sure you get the piece you want with budget you have. I'll try my best to accommodate so we're both happy with the final result. I believe art should be accessible to everyone as well as be fair to the working artist. There's always a happy medium. Let's chat!

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